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The Lighthouse
by Marge Tindal

High on a mountain overlooking the sea,
I strained with all my might,
to catch a glimpse of the ships approaching,
the beacon of light.

The searching beam gives direction
of where the land might be.
It reminds me of the guard I keep
when you are away from me.

I stand like the mighty lighthouse,
the waves crashing at my feet...
my light of love cascading,
guiding you home to me.

Wherever you may wander,
remember that whence you return...
to follow the beacon of my love
that through eternity will burn.

Bright, bright, bright glows the light
guiding you home my way...
it will be as it was
before you went away.

Whether by land or sea
know just how much I care.
Look for the glow of the lighthouse
you will find me there.

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Original music composed by Tom Williams III,

Copyright 1996-98 Dreamsharer Music, Ltd.
Used With Permission of the Composer.